Can a hand spinner reduce anxiety?

The world has fallen in love with hand spinners, not just for the entertainment value they hold, but also because they have a hidden health benefit.

Through the means of the distraction hand spinners provide, experts have suggested that they can alleviate symptoms of mental health disorders or damaging habits.

Dr Rachel Andrew, director of Time Psychology, recently spoke to the Metro regarding what benefit hand spinners may have:

‘Items or strategies that allow a child to have a distraction can be beneficial if that child or adult is suffering from anxiety or trauma symptoms,’

‘If a child has a difficulty like ADHD, ASD or sensory processing issues, items like this can also help by providing either sensory stimulation or distraction.’

Using hand spinners provides sensory stimulation which can directly combat specific mental health issues and help sooth children with sensory issues.

They can improve focus and reduce anxiety in both children and adults, and can be a significant step forward in coping strategies for those who suffer from problematic conditions.

We highly recommend parents look hand spinners for children with anxiety or attention problems. We ensure all our products are of the highest quality and are ready to provide whatever assistance is required.